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RCVR Church
A place where you can encounter God, experience relationship, and see entire lives transformed by the Gospel.

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RCVR = Recover

We are all in a state of recovery. Recovering from loss and recovering that which was lost. Whether that be innocence, joy, happiness, life, our choices, or anything else you face. It’s the story we see in Genesis. And in the finished work of Christ.

RCVR Church: Home to the misfits, outcasts, lost, and broken.

We meet in person on Friday nights at 6pm. Please join us!

Who We Are at RCVR Church

We are not now, nor will we ever be, perfect, this side of heaven.

We are going to say things wrong. We are going to make wrong choices and turns, and take some missteps. And that is OKAY! What we can promise is that we will be real. We will be authentic. We will be humble. We will unapologetically be who God has called us to be.

The Bible is everything. We believe that it is the Word of God. A love letter to us. It is the tool needed to help us navigate this life. And it was walked out perfectly in the life of Jesus. He is our example. So dig in and read your Bible!

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Authenticity is one of our main objectives. We want you to feel welcome here, no matter where you are at on your walk with God. Farthest of far. Closest of close. God is with us in it all, even if we are currently rejecting Him. There are no perfect people here. We are all on a journey and the only thing that is required of us is to be real with where we are at on that journey each and every day.

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